5 Success Mantras of Financial Distribution Business

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Author : Kaushik Sen

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : December 2020


5 Success Mantras of Financial Distribution Business


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Worldwide, financial distribution and advisory business, or wealth management business, is a very prestigious and rewarding business, and it has huge career prospect. In this book key aspects like prospecting, presenting, objection handling, closing and up-selling have been presented with practical clarity. Also certain sales pitches and sample speeches have been provided.


In India, financial distribution business has been a widely practised profession. Life insurance agency or stock broking has been age old professions. Mutual fund agency has also become very popular career. Financial distribution business comprises all the above and many more. So it is a vast profession, and requires a lot of expertise.


Overall this book provides necessary guidance to learn and excel, for all existing and upcoming financial distributors or wealth managers.

About the Author

Kaushik Sen, has been working in the financial markets since 1995. He completed his MBA Degree, with finance as specialisation, in first class, from Pune University. He has worked as Area Manager at Bonanza Portfoilio Limited ( A stock broking firm ) for a brief period. He has also studied technical analysis and fundamental analysis and has been stock market Analyst and was also a member of Association of Technical Market Analysts (ATMA).



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