101 Mantras for Living with Really Happier Experiences in Life

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Author : Ratan Budhani

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


101 Mantras for Living with Really Happier Experiences in Life


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These are some of the excerpts from the book.
• Why are we born? This question poses a great challenge for many of us. The best answer to this would be…..
• The poor long for riches, the rich long for heaven, but the wise long for a peaceful mind.
• In order to perform optimally you need to nurture your body. You wouldn’t fill your car with sludge, leave it in the garage for five years, and then expect it to win a race.
• Every day you are impacting the world, and every day you are creating your life through your thoughts. Think whatever you like, big or small, rich or poor, fair or unfair, and those thoughts will strive to become the things and events of your life. It’s an immutable law.
• Every human action is either driven by fear or by greed. Beyond the shadow of a doubt both are negative vibrations. One of the best ways you can MAKE yourself happier, in all your attempts, is begin to come from a positive vibration and that’s love.
• Your expectations can literally influence your real life experiences. So be aware and consciously choose to create positive expectation with everything you do…
• Do what you love and enjoyment will follow. Do what you love and you will feel more fulfilled. Do what you love and the money will seem less relevant. Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. Alongside, love what you do and you come out a shining star.
• Enjoy the process and be willing to accept what comes your way. No matter how successful you are, if you have not stopped to enjoy yourself along the way, your success is half-full. Secret of happiness is not found in receiving more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy more.
• Mistakes come from: acting in ignorance or in innocence or through carelessness or acting hastily or acting in fear or acting in worry or acting in doubt or acting under anxiety.

About Author

Mr.Ratan Budhani is a seeker, a quick learner, a high thinker, a reader of self-help writings, an
author, a coach, and a guide. He is a keen student that keeps learning about one of the most wonderful
subjects that’s called Life. This has always motivated him to look for various teachings, techniques, and
tools that can be helpful to everyone in taking control of their lives.
An engineer turned management consulting professional, a passionate life success coach and an author
with experience in different fields, over the past 45 years he has been a manager, entrepreneur, trainer, and consultant. For the past 10 years now, he has been helping individuals to improve the quality of their
lives, from a complete transformation to significant awakening and awareness. With a variety of learning
and training experiences behind him and a thoughtful mind, he decided to share some of his best ideas
and experiences in life with one and all and as a result, he authored a book From Survival to Success.
Over the years he has helped clients break through barriers in their personal, business and professional
lives. He can help individuals with career development, money management, time management, and
organizational skills, improving relationships, coping with change, improving self-esteem and creating a
positive life-image. He is very passionate about helping people feel better about them so that they can
lead richer and fuller lives.
As a direct outcome of his real-life experiences, he has realized that despite one’s circumstances or
perceived limitations, one can develop the life and culture s/he wants.
Seeking out the wisdom, knowledge, and experience of others who have already been where people are at
now is a valuable resource. And that’s exactly what he offers people.
A question: Who lives a truly successful life?
His answer: The person who lives life fully, all the time glowing with life’s positive energy.

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