Khyaalon Ki Tapri

Genre :

Author : Meraj Hasan

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : December 2020


Khyaalon Ki Tapri


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In case you were wondering, a tapri is one of those little roadside stalls
where India sips her tea, swaps stories and shares moments stolen from
the bustling life. Just like this little collection of poems, sighs and

Written in Hindustani-that other rich brew of Hindi, Urdu and even
English-stirred with longing, served occasionally in rhyme. These
poems are an eclectic mix, echoing everything from Mumbai to the
monsoons to the mundane. They are also about you and me and the
ordinary. If you like observing and absorbing the nuances of life, you
will find these words speaking to you.

About the Author

Meraj Hasan ‘Meem’ earns his living by building and shaping brands. When not at work, he writes
poetry, makes music, writes music reviews and collects vinyls. Last few months have also turned him into a
palatable home chef. He has spent most part of his life in Mumbai.



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