मी अन् माझ्या बॅलन्स आठवणींचा अल्बम डॉट इन्

Genre :

Author : डॉ.अरविंद कोटस्थाने

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : October 2020


मी अन् माझ्या बॅलन्स आठवणींचा अल्बम डॉट इन्


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The scope of the book is to highlight my past 80yrs experience of my life`s which I had undergone various changes. Mainly sufferings, struggle, along with my family and friend’s memories. My dedicated Scientific Research work at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. Includes my various foreign visits to number of countries to do advance Scientific work. Includes my achievements and awards too. To make reading more pleasant, while reading. I have given a number of instances throughout.

About the Author

I am 80yrs old Senior citizen. Retired as Sr. Principal Scientist from NCL, Pune. I`m dedicated seasoned professional in Scientific R&D. Implementing proven Green & Novel Technologies for industrial Zeolite Catalyst manufacturing having potential applications in Speciality Chemicals and Petrochemical industries. I and wife are Living at Pune, Maharashtra.



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