रेल्म ऑफ पोयम्स द्वारा- कविता संकलन

Genre :

Author : Biraj Valia

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : August 2020




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यह संकलन नये और उभरते लेखकों और कवियों की रचनाओं का संग्रह है। रचनाओं में जीवन, मृत्यु, मोह, बिछोह,त्याग और जीवन की विभिन्न अनुभूतियों का समावेश है। कवियों और लेखकों का प्रयास रहा है कि वे अपनी सोच और लेखन से समाज सृजन में हाथ बँटा सकें।

About the Author

The group “Realm of Poems” was founded in the year 2019, and has since carved a place for itself in grooming budding writers and helping old hands in honing their skill further. This group is founded and administered by Mr Biraj Valia ably assisted by Ms Nirupama Jram. Both of them are blessed and inspired by poetic creativity thus they maintain this platform vibrant, active and at its creative best. This is also mentionable that the idea of this anthology was mooted & mentored by Mr Biraj Valia. This anthology is dedicated to group “Realm of Poems” This is dedicated to the rock solid member fraternity and not to forget the participants who made this process see the light of the day.



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