नानी के कहनियो के मोती

Genre :

Author : बीना सिंह

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : February 2021


नानी के कहनियो के मोती


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This book is a dedication to folklore and rural stories that have entertained children for ages. These stories have been passed on from one generation to the other in our family. Children of all ages have enjoyed them and remember these stories with love. This book is also a dedication to grandparents who introduce these stories to their grandchildren leaving behind a legacy. Folklore is a gateway to knowing cultures and traditions. We hope children enjoy these stories as much as we have enjoyed presenting these to them. We are hopeful these stories will open a window of imagination, and happiness to everyone reading them. If you do enjoy these stories share them with your loved ones. That is how we can keep these stories alive.

About the Author

Beena Singh was born in North India in 1958 in an educated and prosperous family. Since childhood, she was interested in every form of art-folk songs, folk music, and folk stories. She has studied up to Bachelor (BA) in classical music. Like every child in childhood, she has heard many stories from her mother which has guided her many times in her life.
She did justice to all the forms of womanhood in her life. whether it was a daughter, friend, wife, mother, or grandmother When she got some time for herself, after completing all her responsibilities, she thought of passing the pearls she had found in his childhood as stories to the next generation. Through this book, she is sharing these precious treasures of her childhood with you. Hope you like this treasure too.



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