देव मय दानव

Author : राघव

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : March 2021




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An ambitious history that is trying to fulfill its intention by destroying the present in hope of a beautiful future.

The author creates magic using mystery & a historic setting by a means of a distilled timeless wisdom passing from Gurus and tries to portray an attempt of the same being shattered.

Call it Indus Valley Civilisation, Mohenjo-Daro, or Harappa, this story is being graved so deep that it is unbelievable coming to any conclusion.

Devanav is an effort to solve this mystery, through its eternal literature, it will move deeply & inspire an individual to become the kind of leader who touches lives, adds true value to the world & leaves a legacy that lasts just like the evolving character in the novel Parvanali.

The book is a journey that will take Parvanali across the length & breadth of the mysterious East where he searches for the truth.

PS: This book is the research work on Vedas & Puranas for nearly three decades.

About the Author

A theatre professional by trade, Raghw is a renowned playwright in the Hindi theatre and a national awardee of Natyashree & Rang Ratna.

He is widely remembered for his experiential writing, his witty comments, and his brilliant plays. Apart from writing, he is actively involved with acting, direction, painting.

Raghw’s mission is to help people reveal who they truly are and live in a way that creates value for others and all this through his life experiences and knowledge which he has acquired from numerous research.

Glimpses of his life philosophy – “Saral hona sabse kathin hai” i.e. “the most difficult thing is to be simple” can be seen through his work in his first novel ‘Devanav’ where a lot of hard stuff is simplified and served to readers.



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