दि सिक्रेट ॲाफ लाईफ

Genre :

Author : प्रो. दिलीप रोहिदास शेटे

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : March 2021




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The subject of the book is related to the story of seven close friends in their college days and tells us about Friendship is always greater than loveship.

The rainbow is a novel that reveals the ultimate definition of friendship and the mystery of life through eternal rich content.
Just like rain is a symbol of love, a rainbow is also a symbol of pure friendship, so we get to see in the novel the best vision of how life becomes colorful when the same rainbow blooms in the white sky of life.
It is a story of seven friends who are different in nature, in which the novel sheds light on how these seven friends come together, then the friendship that blossomed between them, then the love that came from Oghan and the love triangle between them, and the anonymous Sudanatya that blossomed out of it.

Despite the seven different colors, the novel conveys the message of how much beauty lies in living together, as well as commenting on today’s youth who are confused and detached from their emotions.

The feature of the novel is that in the eyes of a youth who has strayed from true friendship and love, the equation of friendship and love has been impressed.

About the Author

Dilip Rohidas Shete, Dramatist, Screenwriter.
Dilip Shete was born in Nasik, India, on 15 December 1989, and completed a degree in Organic Chemistry. After completion of post graduation and Before starting his Screenwriting career, he was a supervisor in the food industry at Hadapsar in Pune. After a few years, he started teaching in junior and senior colleges. April fool! was a first commercial drama written, when he was twenty-three years old. His successive dramas (one-act play ) have also found in his teaching career, such as ‘springs of nectar, The play is sitting, deadline, Yakshprashna, Made in India, Where did we come?. These one-act plays are also performed in state drama competition.
Nowadays his some commercial dramas are published like, Mahamanav, Tandavam in the Marathi language
His first novel published in 2021 is Indradhanushya: the secret of life.
For more updates, you can follow him on Facebook(www. Facebook. com/Dilip shete) or Email – shetedilip800@gmail.com (mailto:shetedilip800@gmail.com)



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