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It was a Thursday evening when a 33 second long video was discreetly uploaded on YouTube. It was initially shared across a few broadcasting channels and then left to spread on its own. The video was about an accidental sighting of a man flying over the Qutub Minar. Within the next few days, the video had been viewed in a hundred and forty countries across the globe, with zero PR push around it. A few news articles appeared on international shores about the mysterious man flying over India’s famous monument; with interesting discussions around its authenticity.

If the above piece of information sounds like a plot from a fiction novel, you are both right and wrong. While being the plotline of a recently published superhero novel called ‘Faceless’, this chain of events happened for real!

In a radical departure from the conventional promotional videos of novels, Nizam Ahmed’s ‘Faceless’ was promoted using a teaser video that has left its audience agog and chatting eagerly about the book.

In fact this kind of promotion mirrors one of the many interesting plotlines in the book; which got sold out on Flipkart, within a few days of release. Published by BecomeShakespeare.com, this is one of the few superhero books written in an Indian context.

Nizam Ahmed, the author of the book, works with Microsoft in Hyderabad. He is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta; an institute that has seen a lot of students, including Amish Tripathi, turn writers.

To get more interesting trivia about Faceless, including how the video was shot, the author has encouraged readers to follow the Official Faceless page on Facebook. The book is now available on Flipkart and Amazon.in, in both paperback and E-book format.

‘Faceless’ by Nizam Ahmed has been published by BecomeShakespeare.com based in Mumbai. BecomeShakespeare.com is an author focused publishing services brand from Wordit Content Design Editing Services Pvt. Ltd. It supports writing talent with an array of publishing services such as editing, design, pre-press, printing, global book distribution & marketing.

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