Top 10 Online Dictionaries for Writers

A good writer has a way with words. They have the ability to create a world merely with words. It’s a skill that is developed over a period of time by laying one word at a time to build a beautiful story like a monument. But occasionally even an accomplished writer falls short of words, has some trouble finding the right one to complete the melody. And when this happens the writer can take the help of online dictionaries. Dictionaries have taken a new avatar in the modern age offering a plethora of features and information. However, due to the fact that there are many dictionaries online, you need to know what dictionary to use in different scenarios. We have provided you a detailed outlook of the best online dictionaries for writers, their unique attributes, and even their pros and cons. So, go through the details and bookmark the ones you love. has been around for over 20 years now. It is trusted by millions of users around the world. The features include audio pronunciations, idioms, synonyms, word origins, and even slang phrases. It is the best source for word definitions on the internet. It is supposed to have the best mobile apps. It provides word use cases in sentences, as well as includes definitions for medical and legal terms. One of the best and most extensive tools for any writer.

Urban Dictionary

The best possible resource to find definitions, pronunciation, and synonyms for urban words and slang. When you need to understand or use the local or the trending slang and urban words then urban dictionary is of great help. It also defines terms that are often used in the streets. It also has a voting mechanism which lets user vote for registering new words which are also user-generated. A sentence example with the definitions of words is also provided. Urban dictionary has a way to be quirky, funny, and sometimes ridiculous. Though it might not feature many formal words you will find words that are often not found in standard dictionaries.


Anyone who has any association with the literary arts must have heard the phrase, “Merriam-Webster defines”. Merriam-Webster has the largest communities online and is also it is one of the oldest and most trusted dictionaries of America. Though its features are relatively sparse but if you are looking for online dictionaries with good pedigrees then Merriam-Webster is your answer. It has a typical dictionary, a thesaurus, a Spanish to English translation, and a medical dictionary. It’s a place to learn new words and also get inspired for writing. Merriam-Webster is the best dictionary for a writer.

Collins Dictionary

Collin’s dictionary is one of the best platforms for writers. It has the best features along with unique options to enhance your grammar and fluency. The features include thesaurus, video, translator, and even scrabble. It has a search engine feature with auto-suggest feature which enables you to choose a word by just typing a few letters. It also has both audio and video pronunciations. Though it does not feature urban words and the translator feature may not always give correct translations.

Google Translate

When you need a translation of a word of a different language then google translate is your go-to tool. And if you need to translate words and sentences on the go then google has a dedicated app for it. It has features like translating from any text including from other apps, speech translation, and text-in-image translation. For a writer the best way to establish a connection with its readers is to write in colloquial terms and use terms spoken by the readers. For this google translate is the best online tool to translate an English word to the reader’s local tongue.


If you are not sure about some of the acronyms that you see online stand for then Netlingo is the place to go. Netlingo explains thousands of terms that define our life online, including the largest list of chat acronyms. Netlingo is one of the best online dictionaries that will explain what LOL, FWIW, and more obscure internet lingo mean. Everything from internet jargon to newly released online-specific words are updated every day.


Rhymezone can make anyone into a poet. Rhymezone started as a dictionary of rhyming words but over the years it transformed into a complete dictionary of words, phrases, meanings, sentences, and spellchecks. But it still tries to be true to its central feature of rhyming and near rhyming words. When you type in a word in Rhymezone it generates a list of all rhyming words. It will also provide a few examples of the rhymes used in poems and phrases or sentences. While writing makes sure you keep the dictionary available for those rhyming suggestions.

The Free Dictionary

It is possibly the best source for all word related requirements. It is perhaps the best and most extensive online dictionary. It has many options like a thesaurus, foreign languages, Wikipedia searches, synonyms, acronyms, idioms, and phrases. It also has word games to keep you busy. The website allows you to have a login and customized home page after logging in.

Oxford Dictionary

One of the most renowned dictionaries in the world. Oxford dictionary is a robust platform that helps define words both in British and American English. It features pictures, example sentences, synonyms, and audio pronunciations. It even has symbols to denote important words. It is an ideal and complete dictionary. Oxford is perhaps the best dictionary for writers. It can be considered the oldest and the most trusted online dictionaries. It has a word finder feature that helps in building vocabulary. Oxford dictionary can be accessed via


This is a unique dictionary and needs to be mentioned. This is an online graphical dictionary. It creates diagrams between words and concepts to help you understand the association between them. It’s one of its kind. It has an exhaustive list of words and gives a very good word association diagram. So, if you are looking for a unique way to learn about then Visuwords is one of the best online dictionaries.

One of the simplest ways to be better at writing is to keep these dictionaries open while writing. That being said a great book is not just about articulation and good words. So, all the best online dictionaries can only be an aid for your writing. An author needs a good editor, design team, marketing, and a great self-publishing house.

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