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Book Printing services by Becomeshakespeare is there to help roll out your book from manuscript to a collection. With our expertise and high grade system, you get the best quality print and pages. Here is what we offer to our customers and clients.

Digital Printing Service

Digital printing technology does not require the creation of printing plates. It has a very short turnaround period and relatively low cost of printing per book. This method is generally used for short print runs and personalised printing.

Offset Printing Service

Offset printing service is the traditional method of printing that involves the creation of printing plates. Offset printing offers you economies of scale. Though digital printing technology has substantially reduced the costs of printing per book for short print runs, when print runs are larger than 1000, offset printing works out to be more economical. Print run: More than 1000

Offset Web Printing

Offset Web Printing is generally used for very large print runs. The printers used in these processes are huge and run at a speed of 3000 ft per minute or faster.

Printing Cost And Book Pricing

The revenue an author earns is dependent on his profit margin which in turn is dependent on the cost of printing and the book’s MRP. In order to earn a substantial revenue, self published authors end up pricing their books exorbitantly because the print cost of small print runs is high. Ideally, the printing cost of the book should be 25% of the MRP of the book. But the MRP of the book must also match the market i.e. it should in the same price range as other popular books in the same genre.

Printing Factoids

Papers Used
Generally the paper used to print books is light in weight i.e. 60-90 grams per square metre (gsm). Uncoated papers have a slightly rough, natural feel to them, while coated papers have a smooth finish and are used for printing photographs, magazines etc. Both these types of paper are used for book printing, depending on the type of book.The shades of papers used are generally white or natural (i.e. off-white).

Book Size
The size of a book is measured by the height against the width of the paper. Book sizes can range from 15” x 12”, right down to 3” x 2”. Paperback fiction books are generally printed in these standard sizes: 8.5”x5.5”, 8”x 5” or 9’’ x 6’’.

Book Cover
The covers of books can be hard or soft. The hard cover can be made out of thick textured
paper, imitation leather, or even cloth. Hardcover books can have dust jackets made out of thinner and lighter paper. Paperbacks or soft covers are made of thick art paper (250-300 gsm).

Book Binding
The mechanism used to hold together the pages and cover of a book is called its binding.
There are different types of binding including but not limited to – perfect binding, saddle stitch (section binding), and side staple. A lot of information about this is available on the internet.

The Process

Step #1
Finalize Input Files (Cover Design and Typeset Manuscript)
Duration: One Working Day

Step #2
Raise work order *(dummy copy printing).
Duration: Five Working Days

Step #3
Dummy copy approval by author.
Duration: Depends on the author’s approval.

Step #4
Raise print order (first print run)
Duration: Ten Working Days

*A dummy copy is a sample copy of the final book, printed to check for and avoid errors in the final print run.

Our Printing Services offers printing services that match the quality of traditionally published books at an economical cost.

Our Standard Specifications :
Inner pages: Black & White print; 68 gsm paper; Natural or White shade
Cover: 4 color print; 250 – 300 gsm Art paper; Matte or Gloss Lamination

Binding: Perfect Binding

Our Printing Prices :

Up to 300 copies: INR 0.60 per page
300 – 500 copies: INR 0.50 per page
500 – 1000 copies: INR 0.40 per page

Estimate your printing cost in case of bulk requirements at a subsidized price by entering the following details.

Printing Cost Calculator

No of Pages:
Book Size:
Cost to author:
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For print order of more than 100 copies, get a customized quote. Write to us!

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