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In the current book publishing scenario, it has become easier than ever to get published. What remains elusive is finding readers. No matter how good your book is, if the audience does not know about it, they will never get around to buying it, reviewing it or promoting it. With a detailed analysis of the book marketing activities of bestselling authors worldwide, we have brought together the best practices which give you a fighting chance at being noticed in the crowded book world.

Book Reviews


A significant advantage that traditionally published books have over self-published books is the blogger and consumer reviews they get due to readers not being aware of self published books.

Proven Efficient
While the media reviews appear in newspapers and magazines, most are relevant for just a day or a week. With limited book reviews on the internet, what is a must is a significant number of consumer and blogger reviews that are perpetually present on the web. Anyone surfing for the book also gets to see what other consumers and readers have to say about the book and this, in turn, helps in forming the buyer’s final decision.

News paper

Newspapers and Magazines
Just like sports fans head to the last pages of the newspaper every day, book buyers check out the book review columns of newspapers and magazines to get a list of the recommended books.

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Book Review Work Methodology


Step #1
Shortlist Relevant Newspaper and Blogger


Step #2
Conducting Goodreads Giveaway


Step #3
Drafting Cover Letter


Step #4
Packing & Dispatching Books


Step #5
Tracking Reviews & Follow-ups


Step #6
Premium Reporting

Press Release

Open New Doors
A press release announcing the launch of the book will be distributed to hundreds of news agencies, media houses and journalists. The release will include the cover image of the book along with up to three links to e-commerce sites for the reader to purchase if interested.

A powerful press release can take the author communication to new channels, reach new readers and immensely increase the author presence online.

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Press Release Benefits


Increase Online Presence
Press release is a smarter way to increase online presence.


Media Coverage
Media usually picks up press release to get news content.


Gain Popularity
Popularity is function of reach, press release is an efficient way.

Press Release Work Methodology


The press release brief format for the author includes key data, milestones, author information, links of where the book is available for sale, reviews of the book etc.


Well Crafted
Drafting of the press release by our team of writers and media consultants


Issuing The Release
Press release is issued on the most optimum day and time, using media's Management Information System from our Partners to get maximum attention for the release. The release is sent to all the relevant journalists and media.


Track The Issue
Tracking and reporting of the coverage and the response gathered to the author on a timely basis is an integral part of this service.

Social Media Management


Get Going
Allow us to manage your social media handles, and we will help enhance the fan base as well as keep your followers engaged with relevant and creative content across the platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Get Social
In this digital age, your social media presence as an author is a building block to your brand. Social media can help you boost website traffic, sell more books, build brand recognition, and get you a ready fan base for your next book.

Social Media Management Work Methodology


Getting Started
Setting up the Social Media Accounts, Customizing the Pages, Creating Content & Defining your target readers


Building An Audience
Creating appealing display advertisements on Facebook to reach readers, following targeted
readers, journalists and publishers on Twitter


Good Brand
Engaging readers and followers by sharing interesting content including Images, Videos, Blog posts and other updates to enhance author's brand Image.


Premium Branding
This Report will demonstrate the performance of the author’s social media pages and will be shared with the author on a monthly basis.

Video Trailer

What’s not to love about book trailers?
A book trailer is all about making the readers relate to the story and suggesting various emotions that will allow the reader to better understand what the book is all about. Book trailers are a new concept of marketing the author’s book, but they work well, especially when they are designed in a professional way. The book trailer’s ability to bring out the essence of the book in a short and entertaining manner can help boost the author sales.


Communicates The Message Quickly


Intrigues The Reader To Know More


Allows Spreading Message Over Social Media


Brings In Both Readers & Non-readers

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Video Trailer – The Process


Step #1 Video Trailer Brief
Necessary details about the theme of the book in a standard format are obtained from the author to begin writing the script for the video.


Step #2 Video Trailer Script
After receiving the Video Trailer Brief , the Script is created. The samples are crafted and sent to the author to get his/her inputs.


Step #3 Video Trailer Production
After the final script is approved, the video goes into production. During this process, the creative team will work on the text, images, audio and animation that was approved by the author, and produce the video.


Step #4 Video Trailer Submission
Once the video is produced, the watermarked version of the video is sent to the author. The author goes through the video carefully and suggests changes and improvements.


Step #5 Video Trailer Promotion
After the required changes, the final video is handed over to the author. The video is then shared on Social Media and Youtube.

Book Events

Readings, launches & places.

Book Events

Readings, launches & places.




PR & Media

Press Release

Pre Event &
Post Event
Press Release


Event Invites


Photographer & Videographer

Author Website

Give your book the best marketing opportunities

  • It functions as a platform for media and other publishers to reach you
  • It acts as a platform for you to interact with readers and fans
  • It provides links to the author’s social media pages for people to connect with you
  • It showcases your book (s) to blogs and columns
  • It helps search results and makes you accessible to readers

Author Website Best Practices We Fit In

Become Shakespeare

Name Of Your Website (URL)
Creation of the website URL based on your name. If your book is part of a series, then we create the website based on the series title instead.

Website Content

Website Content And Structure
We list your book(s), other published works, use images of the author, the books, etc. Add basic content such as about the book, about the author, extracts from the book, reviews, sample chapters, etc.

Contact Information

Contact Information Page
We make it easy for people to reach you on your email. Specially for the media & bloggers to request for an interview or ask for your book.


Connect Other Content Sources
We connect your social media accounts Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to your website.

Other Marketing Services


Trade Marketing Package also provides customized solutions for promoting your book via e-commerce outlets like Flipkart, Infibeam, etc. and via stores like Crossword and Landmark. This is done by way of bookmarks, posters, store branding, standees, book reading and signing events.

Price: Custom Quote

Book Marketing Services

Marketing Collaterals

We also provide collaterals which further help with author branding. We can provide the author with a full design suite and print marketing collaterals such as bookmarks, posters, and visiting cards.
Price: Custom Quote

Digital Promotion Package

Your digital profile can make or break your portfolio. With a rapid increase in the number of web users, it's more important than ever to curate an attractive digital footprint. This service will help you boost your online presence. This package includes the following:
  • 3 Author interviews
  • 3 Book reviews
  • Promoting the same across all digital assets

Price: INR 9,999/-

Why Us?


We keep up on the latest marketing trends and excel at putting them to work for books so as to achieve perfection in the art of bookpromotion.

Brand Building Services

Brand Building
An efficient marketing strategy is executed to build the Author’s Brand Image and reach the target group of readers.


We diligently follow and track over 200 successful authors worldwide and monitor their best practices to market their books.


We also work with the best in class digital agencies to make the best use of the digital medium to promote our books.


Each service follows a specially crafted process and adheres to strict timelines .With each activation you get a dedicated project window to see the work of team that is managing your projects.

Marketing Catalogue


₹ 25,000 onwards


₹ 20,000/-


₹ 20,000/-


₹ 15,000 per month onwards (for more details, Click here)

₹ 15,000 onwards

Author Website

₹ 15,000 onwards

Book Events

₹ 60,000 onwards

For customised packages:

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Our process timelines usually ranges between 2-3 weeks from the date of manuscript submission up until the final book release. However, in case you opt for editing services or any other customized service, this timeline may vary depending on the scope of work.

The sole purpose of any book promotion is to create brand awareness to maximize the reach of the product. The book can be promoted on both online and offline platforms, with online platforms including social media promotion and author's website while offline platforms including literary festivals and book fair promotions. We provide a wide variety of paid book promotion services for authors as per their needs.

During the book launch, we take care of the following:

  1. Custom designed invite, for printing and for digital use,
  2. Back drop/Standee designing and printing,
  3. Event script formation,
  4. Technical arrangements like mic availability, seating arrangement, gift-wrapped books, etc.

Food arrangements, photographer, host, and venue costs will be charged extra as applicable.

We believe that the best time to start promoting your book is at least 1 month prior to the book launch. This way, you can create some buzz around the book and initiate pre-bookings. We offer some options like promoting the book on social media before the book launch as a part of our social media marketing services. We also offer media coverage and press release, this can be formulated as per your need. Additional services like marketing at bookstores with posters among other offline activities can also be done on demand.

As per your package, you will be told the maximum length of the Book trailer video; you are free to choose a shorter format if you need to.

A book review is a form of literary criticism that lays out the content of a book while elaborating on the writing style, characters, nuances, and the plot in general among other things. For a self-publishing author, a positive book review from a reputed person or a brand not only increases sales but also increases brand awareness.

Along with offline book marketing services, we also offer online book marketing services. This includes social media marketing services, book reviews, and blogs. In case of any other requirements that you may have, you can get in touch with our Publishing consultant. is a supported self-publishing service provider that offers complete editing, printing, marketing, and distribution services for a book. But an author can always avail of a stand-alone service as per their requirements.

Though many book marketing sites quote that they are free, but that is rarely the case. Depending on your requirements, different service providers quote different price points.

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