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Faceless by Nizam Ahmed

“Reality of being superhero is far more dangerous, than how it actually appears” Nizam Ahmed, a 32 year old, Microsoft employee who currently resides in Hyderabad with his family, is a debutante Author of Faceless. The idea that he has brought up was very tricky to execute but the way he has handled the overall […]

List of Self Publishing companies

To have a successful start as a writer, it is essential that you choose the right self publishing company. Here’s the list of some of the best publishers. Name: BecomeShakespeare.com Country of Origin: India Services Offered: Editing, Proofreading, Typesetting, Cover Design, Media and Marketing, E-books and Audio Books, Book Trailers and Reviews, Distribution and Listings, […]

List of Book Publishers in India

Here is a verified & comprehensive list of traditional publishers in India to help you have all the required information in one place. Please note all information presented here has been gathered via the most trusted sources. Sources used are: A.C. Nielsen’s BookScan Data Reports, Publicly available information, Information on Award winners from the Award […]

List of Literary Agencies

Name: Jacaranda Website:http://jacaranda-press.com.sg Contact: info@jacaranda-press.com Authors Represented: Zafar Anjum, Prita Kumar, Rajiv Vij, Adele Wong Description: Books@Jacaranda was founded in 1997 and is a full service literary agency, working with first time as well as established writers covering the entire range of activities associated with successfully placing a manuscript. In 2008, the agency expanded to […]

List of Distributors

Note: We have taken a lot of effort to put this piece of information together, and we ourselves were startled by our findings. A few key take ways:   1.Most Distributors claim they are the biggest distributors of India, and each has a different reasoning, we have only included the ones we were able to […]

Role of Goodreads Author Program in Book Marketing

After toiling sedulously in writing a book and putting whatever is left in getting it published, the chief task of marketing it still lingers. Cut-short the quandary with the ‘Goodreads Author Program’- a free-to-use marketing and promotional tool for authors   You might be an enthusiastic bookworm, a budding writer or an established author; you […]

How Important is a Great Book Cover Design?

Despite the old saying,”don’t judge a book by its cover,” it has been proven that a professional and engaging book cover is one of the vital book selling factors. Whether you realize it or not, it’s true that a poor cover may lead to potential loss of sales as most of the readers certainly do […]

Things You Need to Know About Self Publishing

Self publishing as many people expect is not as easy as it seems to be. Sometimes while self publishing your book, it may cross your mind that getting your book published through an established publisher would have been way easier. But there are certain things you need to know to clear your thoughts about self […]

Things to Consider Before Self Publishing your Book

If you are determined to self- publish your book, there are a few things you need to keep in mind for a successful self- publishing venture. Only a few simple mistakes can reduce the chances of your success. There are various things that you need to consider before you self- publish your book. One of […]

Self-Publishing is the Way to Go

Commercial publishers these days are not taking a particular interest in publishing the work of new authors. They still prefer to stick to established writers who have already garnered a respect in the industry. This does not mean that new budding authors do not stand a chance. There is always the option of self-publishing your […]

How to make Self Publishing Work?

Self Publishing is a very powerful tool and can kickstart your career as an author – if executed well. For that to happen you need the help of experienced professionals who can work to create the best possible publishing platform for you, on par with traditionally published authors. While creating BecomeShakespeare.Com (BSC), we wanted to […]